Sex dating in brandon nebraska

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Sex dating in brandon nebraska

Brandon often got into trouble with the law and moved to Falls City, Nebraska in 1993 to start a new life as a man.

He became acquainted with Lisa Lambert, Lana Tisdel whom he dated, and ex-convicts John Lotter and Tom Nissen.

In the movie Boys Don’t Cry, Lana Tisdel visits Brandon in jail.

Brandon explains that it “sounds a lot more complicated than it is” and ultimately confesses “I’m a hermaphrodite…

Furthermore, Brandon cross-dressed as man and adopted practices to “coax her body into virtual maleness” (Eileraas). It’s like I’m really a man trapped inside this body” (Konigsberg, 92).

When Lotter and Nissen found out that Brandon went to the police, they found him in Lisa Lambert’s house where the ex-convicts proceeded to kill Brandon, Lisa, and another friend who was staying with Lisa.

The authorities also treated Brandon poorly by asking him crude and unnecessary questions.

Instead of interviewing Brandon, Sheriff Laux’s questions probed Brandon’s gender identity by asking why Brandon interacted more with females than males.

Laux failed to arrest Lotter and Nissen even though both were suspects because Laux didn’t trust Brandon since he lied to everyone about his gender.

Sheriff Laux also didn’t believe that Lotter and Nissen would pull down Brandon’s pants and not “fondle” or “put his hand in [Brandon’s] pants” (Joann Brandon v. The failure to issue an arrest warrant for Lotter and Nissen is even more magnified because Brandon visited the Falls City Hospital emergency room and had fingernail samples collected for evidence BEFORE Brandon even filed the report to the Police Station.

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Brandon Teena was a gender non-conforming American trans man.

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