Warren beatty dating history

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But George was soon promising that this time he was definitely getting divorced — and so our pathetic romance dragged on for a few more months of misery and broken promises.

Virginity: Joan Collins describes the moment actor Maxwell Reed gave her a 'Mickey Finn' disguised as a rum and coke.

However, because I’d ‘done it’, which nice young girls seldom did then, I attempted to wipe the incident from my mind and actually started dating him. At just 18, I was about as au courant in the ways of the world as 11-year-olds are today. But since Mummy had told me that women just have to put up with it, I gritted my teeth, thought of England and watched television. The last act of our ridiculous marriage came when a swarthy Middle Eastern gentleman who was ogling me at a nightclub offered my husband £10,000 if he’d let me sleep with him. Bursting into tears, I ran out of the club — all the way back to my parents’ flat in Harley Street.

Luckily, I was offered a Hollywood contract not long afterwards, which involved moving to Los Angeles. It cost me £10,000 — a fortune in 1956 — which I had to borrow from 20th Century Fox. And after ill-fated relationships with two notorious playboys — Arthur Loew, Jr, the son of the founder of MGM, and Nicky Hilton, heir to the hotel group — I decided to give up on men for a while.

Listed roughly in order of earliest hookups to later ones, though some of the exact details are of course hard to come by.

Since 1992, Warren Beatty has been married to wife Annette Bening; they have four children together.

But there were two problems: I had no idea what ‘doing it’ entailed — and the first man I developed a serious crush on turned out to be gay. ’ I wailed one afternoon after he’d turned down my tentative girlish advances with: ‘No, you must wait, my darling — you’re not ready yet.’ She lost no time in giving me a piece of her mind by saying in a loud voice: ‘If this is the new Jean Simmons, as Larry’s told me, Jean has nothing to worry about — you haven’t got her looks or her talent.’ I dashed out in tears.

Throwing caution to the wind, I agreed to go out with this 32-year-old Lothario, with dyed black hair and heavily pencilled brows, and stupidly allowed myself to be deflowered on our first date. Technically, he raped me by giving me a strong ‘Mickey Finn’ drugged cocktail disguised as an ordinary rum and coke.When Princess Margaret was introduced to him at a Hollywood party, I noticed that even her eyes lit up.Having always had a penchant for a handsome face, she soon had Warren locked into an animated conversation.My fiance then went straight on to The Roman Spring Of Mrs Stone, opposite the fragile 45-year-old Vivien Leigh — and soon there were rumours about them, too.Describing the end of her marriage to first husband actor Maxwell Reed, she says: 'The last act of our ridiculous marriage came when a swarthy Middle Eastern gentleman who was ogling me at a nightclub offered my husband £10,000 if he'd let me sleep with him.

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In LA, where we were living together in my apartment, Warren and I started having horrible fights — one being about the rent, which he claimed he couldn’t afford.